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Paper Registration

Registration Fee

Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until payment is received in full. Payment must be made in USD/RMB. The conference organizer will not accept any bank charges associated with the transfer of money.



Conference Fee

Authors (Student)

350 USD / 2000RMB

Authors (Non Student)

400 USD / 2200RMB


100 USD / 600RMB

Invited Speaker  


Additional Paper(s)

350 USD/ 2000RMB

Extra Proceeding

40 USD / 200RMB


Kindly Note that:

1. Registration fees for EEIM 2019 delegates residing in Mainland China is 2200 RMB (Full-time Student 2000 RMB), whereas registration fees for delegates residing outside Mainland China is 400 USD (Full-time Student 350 USD).

2. Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Extra Paper Charges (2000 RMB or 350 US Dollars) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.

3. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.

4. Registration fee for each participants is 600 RMB or 100 USD.

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