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Shenyang Attractions

Liaoning Provincial Museum
Liaoning Provincial Museum, Shenyang Travel Guide
The Liaoning Provincial Museum is located in Heping District of Shenyang City. The area of the Museum grounds and buildings totals 110,000 square meters. The heart of the Museum is a three-story exhibition hall that was designed by a German architect. In 1988, a new three-story white building was built inside the grounds that include a large hall and a surrounding corridor. Historical artifacts and ancient arts are the main focus of the Museum's collections. These include some eighteen categories of objects: paintings and calligraphy, embroideries, woodblock prints, bronzes, ceramics, lacquer ware, carvings, oracle bones, celadon, costumes, archaeological material, coins and currency, steles, old maps, ethnic minority artifacts, revolutionary artifacts, furniture, and assorted other items.

Imperial Palace in Shenyang
Shenyang Imperial Palace, Shenyang Travel Guide
Manchu culture is the centerpiece of the Imperial Palace in Shenyang, capital of northeastern China's Liaoning Province. Founded in 1624, the 380-year-old Shenyang Imperial Palace is one of the few historic Chinese sites that epitomize an ethnic minority culture, along with the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. The main structure of the palace was started by Nuerhachi (1559-1626) and completed by his son Huangtaiji (1592-1643), both founding emperors of the Qing Dynasty. As the dynasty expanded its power southward and across the whole China, the Forbidden City in Beijing succeeded Shenyang as royal residence. Even then, Qing Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong, the two longest-ruling emperors in China's history, expanded the palace and added Han and Mongol architectural styles to its original Manchu style.

Nanguan Church of Shenyang City
Shenyang Nanguan Church, Shenyang Travel Guide
The Nanguan Church in Shenyang is located at Lejiao Road in Shenhe District. It was established in 1873, burnt down in 1900 and rebuilt in 1912. The existing Catholic Church was just the one built in 1912. The whole buildings are divided into two courtyards, the east yard and west yard. The church lies in the north of the east yard, with 66 meters in length from the north to south, 17 meters in width from the west to east, and 40 meters in height. The building area is 1,100 square meters. It can accommodate 1,500 people. This church is a typical Gothic architecture. There are two cone-shaped spires at the top that are decorated with crosses. There are three arches in front of the church, and arrays of small windows on both sides. The church was listed as a cultural relic under protection by Liaoning Province in 1988.

Zhao Mausoleum
Shenyang Zhao Mausoleum, Shenyang Travel Guide
The Zhao Mausoleum is situated in the Beiling Park , the largest park in Shenyang City , north to the Taishan Road in the Huanggu District. It is the tomb of Qingtaizong Huangtaiji, the second emperor of Qing Dynasty, and the queen Xiaoduanwen Boerjijite. Since it is located in the north of Shenyang , it is also called the Northern Mausoleum. It was constructed in 1643 and finished in 1651. Covering an area of 4,500,000 square meters, Zhao Mausoleum was the largest one among the "three Mausoleums outside theShanhaiguan Pass" before the Qing State entered the pass, and the main part of the Beiling Park. After liberation, it was enlarged to be known as Beiling Park and many pavilions and a man-made lake were constructed inside. 

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